Doris & Sonny`s Homelike Restaurant in Cleves

Doris & Sonny`s Homelike Restaurant in Cleves
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6856 State Route 128, Cleves, OH 45002, Cleves


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Good afternoon, according to the latest news, Ukraine is not included in the EU's green list, but also in the red list .. how to be with trips to Bulgaria now? Is there any hope for any exceptions? A trip due to any other conditions?

Good day. There is no official decision yet. Some countries will make decisions on Ukraine today.

When will there be accurate travel information from July 2020 ??

No one knows. We are waiting for the results of today's meeting of the Council of Europe

Good day. Will there be flights to Bulgaria 01.07. Interested in the flight Lutsk-Sozopol, or Lutsk - Pomorie? Thanks.

Good day. Flights are planned, but we are waiting for official information.

We sit in Ravda. Where's the bus? Delay is already 10 minutes. We have not been forgotten? There are no tickets on hand and no bus. What should we do?

Did you contact an escort?


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Doris & Sonny`s Homelike Restaurant

1.5 hours waiting for departure from a parking lot in Bulgaria. Then after 50 kilometers we were stopped by the police because of problems with the license plate number. They stayed for 1.5 hours on the outskirts, then drove, accompanied by policemen, to their station, where they stayed for another 6 hours while waiting for the new bus. As I understand it, they put a fake number on the bus. Well, this is tpzdts, what did Doris rely on?!?!?! What do you do? Not prokanalo.

Doris & Sonny`s Homelike Restaurant
Наталія Т

The mistreatment of passengers on a bus, like livestock, for 55 passengers where the toilet does not work, there are no sockets and va-file, where drivers rush in response to a request to make a sanitary stop where they do not give drinking water, which reduces leg cramps from the fact that the front seat presses on the feet of someone behind - this is all the carrier "Doris". Want to feel yourself a beast, not a human being, ride Doris buses. For example, all this happened in the flight Bulgaria - the Dnieper (from 1.08.19 to 2.08 19), the number of bus SN 2737 VN

Doris & Sonny`s Homelike Restaurant
Инна Балахчи

The tickets were returned 8 days before departure, but the company did not even refund 50% of the cost. Be careful !!! Not when I won't use it anymore.

Doris & Sonny`s Homelike Restaurant
Ольга Литвинова

We went to Bulgaria "Lutsk-Sozopol" and back. The road to Bulgaria was more or less tolerable. The only thing that had to constantly ask to turn on / off the air conditioner. But the road back was terrible. It all started with the fact that we left 23 minutes later because of the waiting passengers (the rules stated 15 minutes). Then we were told that we were going through Ivano-Frankivsk (we were waiting for passengers from there). Due to the arrival in Frankivsk, we were delayed by 4 hours from the stated time (the borders passed in the usual mode as a whole). The driver did not know the road from Frankivsk to Ternopil, so we wandered along terrible country roads.But, the drivers were going to meet requests for stops, including disembarking.I still do not understand why sending buses almost simultaneously. Then at the border of a string of buses Doris.

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